Access to Wi-Fi


Video Tutorial


  1. Check whether you have already changed the password of your library account. Access to Wi-Fi is possible ca. 6 minutes after the password change.
  2. Close all browser windows.
  3. Connect to network: WLAN-SBB.
  4. Your browser opens to the log-in portal. If this does not happen automatically, please enter the address manually:

  5. Enter your log-in details. Please use the following:
    • Card number: Your SBB library card number with the addition @sbb (e.g. 123456@sbb).
    • Password: The new password you have chosen.
  6. Click on Log-in. Access to the internet is now possible. The device you have used is now registered for Wi-Fi access for a period of one year. Per user a maximum of 5 devices can be registered.

In case of problems

If you cannot connect to Wi-Fi, please check:

  1. Did you select the correct Wi-Fi network?
    • Network: WLAN-SBB
  2. If after waking from sleep mode or a restart your computer is not connected to Wi-Fi.
    • Go to the system preferences of your device and reconnect to Wi-Fi.

For other questions please have a look at our FAQs or come to our Wi-Fi support.

If you want to print from your own device, you can find more informations on the pages of Bibliocopy.